Greek language retreats!

A full language immersion on the island of Paros, Greece!
“Be a Greek for a week” is a language immersion retreat in Paros, Greece, specially designed for Greek language learners of all levels who are hooked on the Greek language who want to visit Greece with a focus on learning the language and are excited to work and spend time with a native certified Greek language coach who will customize their learning and guide them through this linguistic journey, respecting their specific Language skills and needs. You will be improving your conversational skills, getting speaking practice, learning new vocabulary and funny colloquial phrases that will make you sound more Greek and all that combined with workshops and outdoor activities while on a Greek island!

What we will share!


Cooking with languages! A cooking lesson, on Saturday preparing a traditional Greek recipe, and using the language, communicating with the fellow students-chefs, having fun, and sharing a fantastic home made meal together!

Boat trip

An all day boat trip to the nearby island of Antiparos! Swimming, snorkeling, music, including food and drinks.


Traditional Greek dance lessons focusing of course on the local Parian dances!

Walking tours

Walking tours to explore both the history and culture of Paros through its natural and urban landscape.