Be a Greek for a week

Dive into the greek language and culture

Experience Greece at it's fullest!

Experience Greece like a local!

Much more than a Greek lesson

It’s sharing, it’s growing, it’s laughing, it’s enjoying, it’s falling more and more in love with Greece and its language.

Greek language retreats!

“Be a Greek for a week” is a full immersion language retreat in Greece, specially designed for Greek language lovers and learners of all levels who are passionate about the Greek language and want to visit Greece with a focus on learning and practice Greek, who are excited to work and spend time with a native certified language tutor and coach, who will customize their learning and guide them through this linguistic journey, respecting their specific language skills and needs. You will be improving your conversational skills, by getting speaking practice, you will learn new vocabulary and funny colloquial phrases that will make you sound more Greek as well as learning tips and technices to use for your study back home, and all that combined with workshops, walks and outdoor activities.

What we will share!


Cooking with languages! A cooking lesson, on Friday, preparing a traditional Greek recipe, and using the language, communicating with fellow students-chefs, and most importantly, having fun while sharing a fantastic home made meal together!

Outdoor activities

Swimming, Snorkeling, Horseback riding, Sea Kayaking, SUP, Day trips along the eastern coast of mt Pelion.


Traditional Greek dance lessons!

Walking tours

Walking tours to explore both the history and culture of Greece through its natural and urban landscape.

You will love it !!!


– Ioanna Makridou

Il corso è molto interessante e Mona è un’insegnante paziente e professionale . In soli 7 giorni ho imparato tante cose non solo sulla lingua greca ma anche su molte tradizioni locali. Consiglio questo corso a chi vuole conoscere la lingua greca perché è davvero bellissima. Ringrazio Mona per avermi insegnato a scrivere in greco …non pensavo di farcela! A presto e ευχάριστώ




Monica Grilanda

I took two weeks of Greek lessons with Mona in October last year. Not only is her house located in beautiful Lefkes with a view of the sea, but the lessons were a lot of fun. Even though I speak quite a few languages a complete beginner in Greek. Mona taught me the basics of this fascinating language and mixed in both music, food, history and dancing! It was really a full immersion into Greek life. I can warmly recommend learning Greek with Mona!

– Maria Weimer

È stata un’esperienza meravigliosa, Mona è fantastica e con lei ho imparato tantissime cose in una settimana a Paros! Ci tengo a ringraziarla tantissimo e sicuramente tornerò presto!




– Viviana Vigo

The best and most fun way to learn Greek!!!!!



Tziotziou Αnna

“Be a Greek for a week” was definitely one of the best esperiences I’ve ever had in my life. Mona is an Amazing teacher and an even better person. She lives the week with you, so it’s much more than a Greek lesson. It’s sharing, it’s learning, it’s living, it’s growing, it’s laughing, it’s enjoying, it’s dancing, it’s contemplating nature, it’s falling more and more in love with Greece and its language, it’s literally feeling a Greek for a week!!


– Ines Ainis Terrassan