Don’t put off something for later or tomorrow that you can do today”.
That “later” or “tomorrow” can become “never”.
Don’t wait until you are ready to speak in Greek with natives, talk to that special one who speaks Greek, now! 😊
If we waited until we were ready we would have waited till the rest of our lives.
We all are afraid to take that next step outside our comfort zone and into the unknown but we do it anyway!
Start now, with what you have, afraid or not , it doesn’t matter!
It’s just your mind playing games with you and your confidence.
Don’t postpone your happiness!
For Greek language learners, don’t postpone speaking in Greek with Greeks, because you think you are not ready!
It doesn’t matter how well prepared you are nor how good your accent is! Talk now! We will so much appreciate your effort! And your gratitude for doing it will be immense! 🥰