How much time does it take time to learn modern Greek?

* It depends on the person
* On your motivation
* On your self-discipline
* On how much effort you put in it
* On how much time you have been studying
* On the methods and the approach you are using
* On your cultural and linguistic background

Languages are like empty boxes that you never stop filling them. We need to study and update constantly.
That goes for either language tutors and teachers as well as students!

Take the time that you need, because, as we say in Greek, “δε σε τρέχει / κυνηγά κανένας!”
(Nobody‘s chasing you / There is no rush!).

Do not dwell and do not think too much about the final result because you will arrive there at your own time, and pace.

Focus on how to reach your goal, on how to reach the final result.

Enjoy the process and above all have fun while you learn!

That’s the point! 😀

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