Take a break!

Even if we love modern Greek and we study regularly, it is inevitable that there will be days that we feel unmotivated. 

In this case, what I do and what I advise you to do is to take a break.

This is one of the most useful tips in language learning!

If you do not want to study at that moment, there is no point in trying to convince yourself to stay focused when you don’t feel like it! 

The lack of desire or motivation in that moment, has already shut down your brain so nothing will come in, no information will remain. 

It’s better to go outside, go for a walk, talk to the phone with a friend, watch a movie, anything that does not involve or imply studying!

Your break can be from 10 minutes to days, it does not matter! 

The love of being in contact and study again your favorite language will come again, and when it does it will be quite clear to you! 

Do not be hard on yourself and take this break as a defeat because it is not. Consider it as a restart so that you can continue with a fresh mind again. 

Translated in English