You may have heard this new term if you are a language learner or into languages in general, but you’ve been wondering what excactly is it and most importantly is it worth it. So, let’s get it all clear for you, with this article from eurolinguist which explains it excactly as it is.

What Happens in a Language Retreat?

The entire day is spent with your language coach. A person devoted to strengthening your command of the language and giving you the courage to speak in what will soon be an effortless manner.

Each day includes classroom time with lessons perfect for your level and interests, mouth-watering meals and exciting activities which allow you to place emphasis on practical communication to help you develop fluency and confidence.

Accent work, colloquial speech, cultural exchange!

The best part is that all is done in a relaxed environment which not only helps you learn but also increases memory skills. The retreats are all customised to ensure you are learning things that are of interest to you.

And money wise is it worth it?  Well, when you look at the results you get and what you would pay for a language coach on a weekly basis, you will soon see that not only are you getting a vacation in Greece, you may also be seeing some savings. Rather than having time to forget things between lessons and not having the proper balance between theory and practical, you will see tremendous improvements throughout the week and a surprising burst of confidence. As said earlier, if you’re looking for something to kickstart your language learning or move you out of the stagnant language plateau, a language retreat is for you!