Come and join me for a full immersion week of learning and practicing greek, enjoying nature, greek food, activities and workshops in this little heaven!
Avoid the heat!
Avoid the crowds!
Enjoy warm weather, swim and relax while learning and experiencing Greece!

Let me share my 15 years of experience and research on language learning with you! Learn the tips and tricks that will help you learn greek faster and more efficient! 

If you feel stuck with your study in Greek and see no progress maybe it’s time to unlock your potential, to be brave to take the next step and make that change!
By change I mean different approach to your study towards reaching your goal and that could be:
📌Different method
📌Different space, time or schedule
📌Different material
📌Different mindset
📌Different diet, healthy eating habits, lifestyle etc

So, what about coming this October from 04/10-10/10/2023 in Pelio, learn a new approach, get inspired and motivated, connect and exchange experiences with fellow students and lovers of the Greek language and culture, enjoy Greek food, the sea and the mountain of Pelio!

Here is all the information you need:

And if you don’t know what a language retreat is click here:

Go check it out! Maybe it’s time for change 🙂